Comfortable Office Environment

Comfortable Office Environment


Hisencn is engaged in BBQ Grill accessories, outdoor grill and bbq replacement part.
We are committed to provide customers reasonable price, high quality service and efficient service.
The "Hisencn" is registered as the trademark of the company, mainly through the Amazon, Ebay and other online sale platform for USA, Canada and its neighboring countries to provide pre-sale and after-sale services of Brinkmann, Kenmore, Jenn Air, Nexgrill, Uniflame and etc. Our products include Heat Plats, Burners, Cooking Grids, Grill Thermometor, and Grill Cover and so on.
We will make unremitted efforts to extend the life of the stoves and improve the user experience.
TEL:+86 159 1992 9792
Contact us:
+86 15919929792


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