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Cooking grate

Issuing time:2018-07-04 00:00

Cooking grates, also known as cooking grids, are the surface on which the food is cooked in a grill. They are typically made of:

Stainless steel - usually the most expensive and longest-lasting option, may carry a lifetime warranty

Porcelain-coated cast iron - the next best option after stainless steel, usually thick and good for searing meat

Cast iron - more commonly used for charcoal grills, cast iron must be coated with cooking oil between uses to protect it from rusting

Cooking grates used over gas or charcoal barbecues will allow fat and oil to drop between the grill bars. This can cause the fat or oil to ignite in a 'flare-up', the flames from which can blacken or burn the food on the grate. In an attempt to combat this problem, some barbecues are fitted with plates, baffles or other means to deflect the dripping flammable fluids away from the burners.

Most high end barbecue grills use stainless steel grates, but there is a health benefit to using bare cast iron grids. When cast iron is used to cook food containing high level of acidity, such as lentils, tomatoes, lemonade sauces, or marinades with strong vinegar content, there is increased iron dietary intake] The longer and hotter the grilling temperature, the more iron is infused into the food. This process can only take place with plain, uncoated cast iron grates. The downside to bare cast iron grates is that food tends to stick to them, and they take more effort to clean.

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