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Grill Cover

Issuing time:2018-07-04 00:00
  • Fade Resistant- Made of special fade resistant fabric, 600D heavy duty polyester and waterproof polyvinyl coating inside, exhibits superior colorfastness. Protect your grill from heavy rain, hot sun, dust and all elements.

  • 【Tear Resistant】- 3 Layer Thickened stitching design to prevent falling apart

  • 【Night Light】- Can see the Reflective TAPE no matter how dark it is (within 300 meters) 【Air Vent】- Air holes speed up the heat dissipation and let the grill to cool down faster

  • 【Fabric Handles】- Durable fabric handles at two sides for easy fitting and removal effortlessly in seconds. It can also be used for hanging and convenient storage

  • 【Fastening Straps】 Convenient heavy duty fastening straps keep cover securely fastened and prevent cover from slipping or blowing off

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