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Hisencn 19.5 inch Cast Iron Cooking Grates Replacement for Weber Genesis E-310
Cast Iron
Porduct Detail

Fits for Weber Genesis E-310 (2007-2016), Genesis E-320 (2007-2016), Genesis E-330 (2011-2016), Genesis EP-310 (2007-2016), Genesis EP-320 (2007-2016), Genesis EP-330 (2011-2016), Genesis S-310 (2007-2016), Genesis S-320 (2007-2010), Genesis S-330 (2011-2016) Gas Grills. Weber parts: 307524, 7524 and 40312501

Dimensions : 19 1/2" x 13" each, 19.5" x 26" Total ; Package: 2 x Matte Cast Iron Grates.

Kindly check again for the SIZE and MODEL of your original parts before purchasing.

After-sales – Cast iron grids is fragile and may broken during transportation. We will offer a 90 days refunds or reship service for free.

Care – Preheating your grill to 500-550°F, brushing your cooking grates clean with a stainless steel bristle brush and then adjusting your control knobs to your desired grilling temperature. It is not uncommon for food to stick more to new cooking grates. As you continue to use and clean your grates you will break them in reducing the amount of sticking.

To Extend the life of your grill – Make sure to clean your grates before each use. Try to get as much liquid off as possible before placing the food on the grill and if using a BBQ sauce, wait until the last 5-10 minutes of grilling before applying it to your food.

Using excessive marinade and applying BBQ sauce too early in the grilling process can result in the sugar burning causing a dark color. Put the grates back on your grill and cover the lid when it is not used.